Some changes for the new financial year

Things have changed a lot since I have started working. I have been employed since I was 15 years of age and always had a strong work ethic by association. As a result, I have been focussed on the notion of service and a business needing to reflect their customers needs. Upon reflection and analysis, my former business-model was outdated and does not best represent the current trends of the industry (that are reflective of changing needs of consumers).

Before implementing the changes, I analysed the rate structure of 50 providers and found that 44% of them had tiered services (GFE, PSE), and that this was especially common amongst more experienced providers. Those that did not have tiered services were likely to simply offer a very basic GFE service with no further extras being available. Those that offered more sought after and specialist services had provided an option of basic, more affordable GFE pricing for gentleman that only required those services, and a slightly higher tiered price for those that specifically wanted additional services.

I have now reduced the prices of my basic bookings slightly and increased the prices of my PSE/Kink/BDSM/whatever-you-want-to-call-them slightly. This makes my basic bookings more affordable to clients that may not have been able to afford my rate previously, and the increased tier is highly-inclusive for those seeking extra services.

Former clients are not affected negatively by this. If you are a former client that only seeks GFE services, you are welcome to take advantage of the GFE pricing tier. If you are a former client that visits me for PSE, BDSM, etc services - your old rate will continue to apply.

For new clients, I have updated my services page to reflect the new changes and what inclusions are included in what rates. The changes are applicable immediately. If you have any questions of feedback, please let me know. 

Please note, these changes are only applicable in Australia.